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DISCOUNT UNDER MARKET fumigation wood palet and wood boxes for export please contact us mi DearSir / Madam We are license form ministry of Jahad Agri authorized by the government for sanitization, disinfection, gas fumigation spray different, items in included but not limited to, furniture, cargo boxes, containers facilities, houses, agriculture commodities etc Pests, such as termites, flees, tick, roaches, rodents, diseases, etc The wood packing materials described below were treated in accordance with the Methyl bromide fumigation requirements of the ISPM NO. 15 of IPPC Details of Treatment We also work with a freight company. Which is authorized to check your items directly 09125628579 02634416123 09125685102

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۰۹۱۲۵۶۲۸۵۷۹ /۰۲۶۳۴۴۱۶۱۲۳


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